There’s never a perfect time to hire support in your author business, but there are several signals to help you know when it might be time to ask for help. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed, unorganised and chaotic. Or you might be super organised, have a booming author business and are ready to scale to the next level. You might even just be sick of working solo and need support to maintain motivation. There are many reasons and factors to consider when adding support to your business. 

Of course, knowing when to hire support is only one part of the conversation, and the other is knowing who to hire. In this article, we’ve condensed all our tips and experience to help you know if you’re ready to hire support and who you might want to hire. 

Who to hire in your author business & when? 

Virtual Assistant 

How they can help 

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is like a business guardian angel. You didn’t even know you needed them until they started waving their magic “let’s get shit done” wand around. That being said, not all VA’s are created equal. Most VA’s will specialise in a sub-set of skills, including social media, content creation, blog writing, podcast editing or data entry. You’ll want to ensure they’re experienced with the specific tasks you need help with and have a great can-do attitude.  

When to hire them? 

A great time to hire a VA is when you already have a few systems and processes set up and know exactly what you need help with. The goal of a VA is not to optimise your business; however, take tasks off your to-do list so you can focus on other areas of the business. If you need help with business growth, scalability or project management, you might find it more helpful to work with an online business manager (OBM).  

How much does it cost to hire a VA? 

Depending on their experience and skillset, a VA can cost anywhere from $40-$100 per hour. Remember to pay them fairly and consider their daily business operation costs, including tax, supper, software and training.  

Marketing expert 

How they can help? 

Anyone can watch a Youtube tutorial and think they’re a marketing expert. But this approach really just gives you information without an actionable plan. An experienced marketing expert who works with authors will keep you up to date with the latest trends in your industry. And use proven tools and tips to help you design a marketing strategy that plays to your strengths and allows your authentic voice to shine. Not to mention keep you accountable to reach *your* marketing goals! Now Youtube just can’t do that. 

When to hire them? 

In today’s digital landscape, the sooner you can seek marketing advice, the better! However, it can be an investment, so only seek marketing support when you can afford it. 

Our tip – When planning your author business, don’t underestimate marketing and if possible, set aside a marketing budget, even if it’s only small to begin with. 

How much does it cost to hire marketing support? 

When working with a marketing expert, you get what you pay for, so set your expectations accordingly. Expect to pay anywhere between $125/hour for a consultant to $4,000/month for a full-service agency. 

Writing Coach 

How they can help? 

It might seem obvious, but writing coaches can help improve your writing. They might also help clarify your writing goals and help you develop a more efficient writing practice. They’ll help you find your authentic voice, write what you like and make writing fun. 

When to hire them? 

You don’t even have to be an author yet to hire a writing coach. If you’ve had “write a book” on your vision board *forever*, a coach might be just what you need to get started. They’re also great for anyone searching for their writing ‘mojo’, suffering writer’s block or just confused about how to start their next project.

How much does a writing coach cost? 

Of course, the price will depend on experience. However, expect to pay between $75-125/hr for a writing coach. 


How they can help? 

Editors are a bit like sniffer dogs. They’re trained to have heightened senses, except instead of spotting illegal contraband, they pick up subtle grammatical errors. While we often proofread our own work, an editor will *always* be able to identify issues we didn’t even think of (in a good way). 

When to hire them?

You’ve written the words and printed the pages, but proofreading just isn’t your jam. In our opinion, it’s never too early to hire an editor. Your published work (even self-published) can live forever. Readers want quality writing that’s mistake-free and grammatically correct. 

How much does an editor cost? 

A freelance editor usually charges per word anywhere from $0.002 to $0.015, while an editing or publishing agency will likely cost much more. 

Other people to consider hiring 

  • Business Coach 
  • Graphic Designer 
  • Accountant 
  • Lawyers 

What to consider before hiring support in your writing business 

Test the fit –

Do you get along? Do they understand and have experience with author businesses? See if you can book a free discovery call to get to know each other better. 

Costs –

Can you afford it? You don’t want to invest thousands of dollars in the beginning. Can you find a small budget for support and outsource a few tasks? 

Your time –

While hiring support might seem like a set and forget, you will need to dedicate some of your time getting started and with ongoing tasks. 

Ready to hire support in your author business? At The Daring Press, we offer a range of services from marketing support, writing coaching and virtual assistance to help free up your time for other important tasks. If you’d like to explore how we can help support you feel free to book a complimentary discovery call