The Daring Author podcast is back for another chapter!

In chapter thirteen, we chat with Michele Scott about the journey from book to film and the possibilities of getting your books onto the big screen. 

We chat about:

  • The journey from book to film, Michele’s process with this so far
  • What the typical agency team looks like
  • How long the process from book to film takes 
  • The difference between selling pilot rights and selling the actual rights
  • Companies that are big in transitioning books to films
  • The normal expectations and rates

About Michele:
Michele Scott is an American author and the CEO/owner of equestrian sports medicine company Professional’s Choice, Inc. She has written over forty novels in various genres including thrillers, mysteries, young adult mysteries, fantasy, and women’s fiction. Her thriller Daddy’s Home from her Holly Jennings’ series written under her pen name of AK Alexander has sold over one million copies and was the #1 bestselling book in the UK Amazon. Her thriller Mommy, May I? and was number 2 on the Amazon list.

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