As authors, we are always searching for content ideas that are going to engage readers and most importantly convert into book sales. How many times have you said, what the hell am I going to post? Although strategies are great to have for structure, there is no right or wrong formula to posting content. 

The most important thing to remember when creating content is to be uniquely YOU! Readers follow you because they want to know more about you, to connect with you on a deeper level and really discover who the author behind the book is. 

Today I am sharing some of our favourite Instagram content ideas that will allow you to really connect with your readers on a deeper level. 

WIP (work in progress) 

There is nothing readers love more than getting to see behind the scenes of an author’s WIP. Share mood boards, behind the scenes of you writing the book or sharing little teasers and music playlists. 

Behind the Scenes 

Readers want to connect with you, they want to know more about who you are and how you write your stories. Share your writing process photos of you in your element. Do you have writing rituals? Like writing only at night or early morning, what do you drink when you write or music that supports you. We also love seeing authors writing space’s to capture the whole writing process. 

Book Details

Let’s face it the only way you’re going to sell books is if readers see it. Share your book covers, reviews, teasers and character mood boards. Get creative, share via graphics, videos and reels. It’s time to step into the video train to increase your reach. 

Connect with your Readers

It’s the most important part of showing up online is connecting with your readers. Share interactive stories to engage readers like this or that style, ask questions to create a connection and conversations with your readers. 

Are you overwhelmed trying to keep up on all the social media platforms? 

Are you ready to take marketing off your plate so you can have more creative freedom to write your books?

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