Feeling overwhelmed with the idea of rapid-release book launches? Then you’ll love this fuss-free guide to launching one epic book a year with ease. Forget hustle, bustle, churn and burn book launches; this article is about quality over quantity. From planning your pre-launch strategy to hosting a legendary launch party and continuing the buzz long after your book’s release, keep this cheat sheet handy to make launching your next book a dream. 

How to launch one fantastic book a year

For a proper big bang book release, you need to start planning now. Even if your book’s not finished, you can think about your pre-launch, launch and post-launch strategy. Here are our non-negotiable, fool-proof steps to launching a book a year. 

The pre-launch 

Ideally, you should start promoting your book three months before your release date. Why? To build the hype! Nobody likes a lukewarm launch. Are we right? 

1. Set your *dates*

That’s right, dates. Plural! This is not a one-day, set-and-forget event. Figure out when you want to launch your book and work backwards. It might be around your publishing schedule, a date significant to your book’s content or during the school term. 

2. Build the buzz

Start promoting your book well before your launch date. Reach out to your target audience, such as book bloggers, social media influencers, and book clubs. Use social media to spread the word about your upcoming book. Create social media graphics, post updates about your launch, and encourage your followers to share your posts.

3. Stay consistent 

Launching can feel like a marathon, full of energy at the start and ending with a lull in motivation during the middle. Set realistic expectations and stay consistent. Choose at least one channel to share content regularly, whether it’s your newsletter, Facebook group, Instagram account or podcast. Stay top-of-mind and keep your audience hooked with snippets and sneak peeks of your upcoming book. 

So when you finally launch your book, you’ll have a steamy hot customer base ready to hit “add to cart”. 

4. Leverage your backlist 

If you’re stuck for content ideas to keep your audience interested, use your backlist to create marketing content. Promote any new book formats you release, such as paperbacks, hardbacks, and audiobooks. Share any new translations, reader magnets, Permafrees, series book 1s and completed series.

5. Plan your book cover & marketing materials 

Every aspect of your packaging is an opportunity to market yourself: the cover, title, blurb, and any early reviews. And remember to develop marketing materials to promote your books, such as bookmarks, posters, and flyers. Or, if the budget allows, consider hiring a professional designer to ensure your materials look professional and eye-catching.

6. Set up website sales & pre-orders 

Our go-to and the best book launch websites are Amazon and Goodreads. They offer various promotional tools that can help you reach a broader audience. Choose your preferred platform, add your new bool and remember to set up pre-orders. 

If you’re planning an in-person launch, you’ll also want to organise physical copies of your book to sell at the launch event. 

7. Plan your launch event

Now for the fun part, your launch party! Decide how you want to celebrate the launch of your book. You could organise a launch party, a book signing event, a virtual launch, or combine all of these. 

8. Network with influencers!

Once you’ve written the book, told everyone about it and planned the launch event, it’s time for the guest list. Of course, you must invite your audience, but make space for some influencers. Reach out to your favourite #booktok creators and send them an invite or a copy of your book for an early review. 

The Launch 

Schedule and automate your launch content 

When you release your book, ensure you have plenty of pre-planned content scheduled. Create Instagram posts, an email, a podcast, or however you prefer to spread the word. So you can share all the details while you party it up at your launch event and watch those sales come in. 

Host the launch 

Now’s the time to sit back, enjoy all the hard work you’ve put in over the year and meet your incredible readers. Whether you’ve landed on a virtual or in-person event, share a speech with your audience, tell them about the book, and what projects you have coming up. 

Post-launch game plan 

1. Follow up with readers

Even though the launch is technically over, you can still squeeze in more promotion (and sales). Follow up with any readers who purchased your book, thank them for their support, and politely ask them to share a review you can share across your socials. 

2. Keep the buzz going! 

Remember launching a book is an ongoing process. Continue creating social media and email content and sharing positive reviews to promote your book even after it’s launched. And don’t forget to organise book signings to meet any readers who couldn’t make it to the launch! 

Need help launching your new book to the world? 

At The Daring Press, we know a thing or two about launching a book a year. If you need help planning an upcoming book launch, book a complimentary discovery call to see how Book Launch Strategy Plans work. A comprehensive timeline, checklist and the best strategies that you can use to ensure your best launch yet!