The Daring Author podcast is back for another chapter!

In chapter eleven, we chat with Stephanie Phillips from SBR Media about the role of a Literary Agent and how it can support your author biz. 

We chat about:

  • What is an agent’s job and how does the relationship between author and agent work
  • Is it ever too early to seek out an agent
  • Sub-rights. What are they and how can they make authors money
  • What are the benefits of getting an agent for specifically sub-rights management
  • Steps to take to find a Literary Agent that’s the right fit 

About Stephanie:

Stephanie Phillips is a born and bred southern girl. After graduating from High Point University, she’d gone from different careers including modeling, Mary Kay, publicist, blogger, radio show host, and then found her footing as an agent. With over thirty clients and even several deals in her first year with SBR Media, she looks forward to seeing what else she and her clients can accomplish. When not agenting, hosting, blogging, or reading, she spends time with her husband and two adorable kids in their Myrtle Beach home.
Resources mentioned:

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