The Daring Author podcast is back for another chapter!

In chapter ten, we chat with Becca Syme about the power of an author’s mindset and how to write better faster! Becca talks about discovering your strengths as a writer and how this can support your writing career. 

We chat about:

  • What Write Better-Faster means 
  • Strengths for writers and how this can support your writing career 
  • Becca’s general thoughts on burnout for authors 
  • How an author/writers figure out what type of writer they are
  • Common worries for authors and how can you combat them

About Becca:

Becca Syme is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and holds a Master’s degree in Transformational Leadership. She is the host of the Quitcast for Writers and the teacher of the popular Write Better-Faster class. Becca has coached 5700+ authors using success alignment and predictive reasoning to help authors write and market better-faster. She lives in the mountains of Montana where it is always winter and never Christmas.

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