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Creating a successful Kickstarter with Angel Lawson

​The Daring Author podcast is back for another chapter! In chapter five, we chat with author Angel Lawson about creating a successful Kickstarter campaign. Angel talks about their recent success...

Supporting yourself through writers block and burnout with Montana Ash

In chapter four, we chat with author Montana Ash about how to support yourself through writers block and burnout. Montana talks about her personal experience and what helped her to get through. ...

When to hire support in your author biz & who to hire 

There’s never a perfect time to hire support in your author business, but there are several signals to help you know when it might be time to ask for help. Maybe you’re feeling...

Ch2. Making the most of your backlist with Lucy Smoke

​The Daring Author podcast is back for another chapter! In chapter two, we chat with author Lucy Smoke about the importance of your backlist and how to make the most of it. Lucy talks about; Key...

How to create & show up confidently on video

Unless you're new to social media, or the internet, you've probably noticed a lot more video content popping up. With the rise of Tik Tok, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have had...

20 Book Promotion Ideas

If you're an author, you'll know how exciting it is to finish a book. All those hours plotting, typing, and, let's be honest procrastinating have finally paid off. But as great as this feeling is...

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