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The role of a Literary Agent and how they can support your author biz with Stephanie Phillips from SBR Media

In chapter eleven, we chat with Stephanie Phillips from SBR Media about the role of a Literary Agent and how it can support your author biz. ...

Author’s mindset and how to write better faster with Becca Syme

In chapter ten, we chat with Becca Syme about the power of an author's mindset and how to write better faster! Becca talks about discovering your strengths as a writer and how this can support your...

Creating hype with book boxes, Patreon and TikTok with Willow Winters

In chapter eight, we chat with Willow Winters about how she's creating success with book boxes, Patreon and TikTok. Buckle up because Willow shares her top tips with us, one's that have helped her to...

How to delegate tasks to your virtual assistant team? 

Owning an author business can be one of the most liberating, exciting and rewarding experiences. It can also be overwhelming, frustrating and isolating - it depends on how you run your business. Are...

Storytelling for healing with Amy Molloy

In chapter seven, we chat with Amy Molloy about storytelling for healing and how to support yourself through your writing. Whether you are writing a non-fiction personal story or fiction, this chapter...

What is Email Marketing and how to do it well

If you think email marketing is old-fashioned or way too complicated, we have news for you. Not only is email one of the most popular and widely adopted forms of marketing, but it's easy to use. In...

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