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Subscriptions for Authors with Emilia Rose

The Daring Author podcast is back for another chapter! In chapter thirty-nine we’re talking with Emilia Rose about subscriptions for authors. Emilia discusses the power of using a...

Writing dark romance with Angel Lawson

In chapter thirty-two, we chat with author Angel Lawson about writing dark romance and the latest Kickstarter updates from their sold-out campaign.  ...

Crafting compelling book plots / outlines with The Plot Genie

In chapter thirty-one, we chat with Heather from The Plot Genie about crafting compelling book outlines...

Writing romance and author biz chat with Willow Winters

In chapter thirty, we chat with a returning favourite Willow Winters about her writing process, strategies for staying motivated, Kickstarter tips and book signings...

Creating page turning books with pacing Ines Johnson

In chapter twenty-eight, we chat with Ines Johnson about creating page-turning books with pacing...

How to Launch One Book a Year With a Big Bang

Feeling overwhelmed with the idea of rapid-release book launches? Then you'll love this fuss-free guide to launching one epic book a year with ease...

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