Virtual assistant support agency for authors who are ready to take their author business to the next level with more ease, growth and time.

Our team understands that when you are writing your book, trying to grow your author business, create marketing material and trying to keep it all together can feel exhausting. Unless you are Superwoman?

Writing a book is incredibly impressive on its own but when you are also being pulled in all directions, growing your email list, marketing your books, building a community of readers, it can result in a total overwhelm. Imagine being able to focus all of your energy on your writing without having to stress about all of that…sounds pretty magical, right? After all, as writers, that’s what we want, to have the creative freedom to write our stories. 

When you work with The Daring Press you not only receive high-level support, we support you build a highly engaged community of readers and create space for you to focus on your writing.


At The Daring Press, we absolutely love supporting fiction and non-fiction authors who are at any stage of their writing journey. Whether you are just starting out, wanting to make an impact with your first book or you have a library of books that require consistent marketing, The Daring Press has you covered.


Our team has extensive experience in marketing across all platforms. We pride ourselves on knowing the latest marketing trends and how to get your books into the right hands.

We understand how the author industry works, runs and we have the right connections to ensure your book gets the love it deserves. Our founder Jenna is a bestselling author herself and along with the team, we are all experienced, virtual assistants.

At The Daring Press our team are reliable, trustworthy and set a high standard of support to our authors.

We aren’t the type to just ‘do’ we also thrive on coming up with new and exciting strategies to make your book shine.


Best-Selling Author, Writing Coach & Agency Lead

The Daring Press was created by USA Today bestselling author and writing coach, Jenna Lee. Being an author herself, Jenna knows the importance of having support so that you can focus on what you do best, writing. Jenna’s vision for The Daring Press is to create a supportive space for budding and established writers to receive virtual assistant support to support them to grow their author business to the next level.

We’re on a mission to take the stress away from you so that you can focus on writing epic stories.

You became an author to write your incredible stories. Let us take care of the admin and marketing side of your author business.


Support for Fiction Authors

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Support for Non-Fiction Authors

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Writing Coaching

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