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Are you ready to take marketing off your plate so you can have more creative freedom to write your books?

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Are you struggling to find time to write new books while promoting your current library...

Are you overwhelmed trying to keep up on all the social media platforms…

Are you wanting to create more creative freedom, ease and flexibility...


Marketing and support for indie authors who are ready to take their author business to the next level with more ease, growth and time. 

Our team understands that when you are writing your book, trying to grow your author business, create marketing material and trying to keep it all together can feel exhausting. Unless you are Superwoman? 

Writing a book is incredibly impressive on its own but when you are also being pulled in all directions, growing your email list, marketing your books, building a community of readers, it can result in a total overwhelm. Imagine being able to focus all of your energy on your writing without having to stress about marketing your books…sounds pretty magical, right? After all, as writers, that’s what we want, to have the creative freedom to write our stories. 

When you work with The Daring Press you not only receive high-level support, we help you build a highly engaged community of readers and create space for you to focus on your writing.

The Daring Press Difference

Why we stand out from the rest


Our team has extensive experience in marketing across all platforms. We pride ourselves on knowing the latest marketing trends and how to get your books into the right hands.


We understand how the author industry works, runs and we have the right connections to ensure your book gets the love it deserves. Our founder Jenna is a bestselling author herself and along with the team, we are all experienced, virtual assistants.


At The Daring Press our team are reliable, trustworthy and set a high standard of support to our authors.


We aren’t the type to just ‘do’ we also thrive on coming up with new and exciting strategies to make your book shine.

The Daring Press was created by USA Today bestselling author and writing coach, Jenna Lee. Being an author herself, Jenna knows the importance of having support so that you can focus on what you do best, writing. Jenna’s vision for The Daring Press is to create a supportive space for budding and established writers to receive support to grow their author business to the next level.

We’re on a mission to take the stress away from you so that you can focus on writing epic stories. 

Who we support...

At The Daring Press, we absolutely love supporting indie authors who are at any stage of their writing journey. Whether you are just starting out, wanting to make an impact with your first book or you have a library of books that require consistent marketing, The Daring Press has you covered.


admin and marketing support

Project Management

We become our most productive selves when we have a clear action plan. We love creating strategies, action plans and accountability to ensure you have a successful book launch. Package starts from $480 AUD per month. 

Social Media Management

Say goodbye to spending hours creating content for your social media. Let our social media specialists take the reins. Content creation, scheduling and engagement. Packages start from $500 AUD per month. 

Pinterest Management

Does Pinterest overwhelm you or you don’t understand how to utilise it to its best potential? Pinterest is a secret marketing weapon that can boost your book sales, when done right. Leave it to our Pinterest specialists who know how. Package starts from $350 AUD per month.

Marketing Management

It takes a team to run an author’s business, we have got you covered with newsletter management, Facebook group management and takeovers. Package starts from $600 AUD per month.

PR Book Release

The time has come to release your precious book out into the world and we want to create an impact. Our content creators create a set of teaser graphics, cover reveal and review graphics that are on-brand with your book. Packages start from $250 AUD per book.

PR Release Blitz

Let’s make some noise with your new book! We have a healthy list of bloggers and Bookstagrammer’s who will promote your book with our promo pack, build your newsletter subs and sign up for ARC’s. Packages start from $350 AUD per book. 

General PR

We are passionate about creating opportunities for your book reach, growing your audience, establishing feature opportunities, obtaining book deals and cross promotion. Package starts from $300 AUD per month.

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Read more kind words from clients

  • I’ve been working with Jenna for almost 3 months now and her input and guidance have been invaluable. I wrote a book before but never published it because I felt it’s not good enough. After having worked with Jenna, now I have a clear vision, a solid structure for my book and she also encouraged and helped me to be myself and not be afraid to use my unique voice. She also has given me many creative ideas in terms of how to add a ton of value to my book and make it stand out with interesting and engaging details.

    Thank you, Jenna, from the bottom of my heart, it’s an absolute pleasure working with you, your kindness, your experience and wisdom when it comes to writing a book is remarkable and I feel honoured to know you.

    – Edina
  • Jenna’s role in my business is truly invaluable. At the beginning of this year I wrote a wish-list for a dream VA – someone who is unshakably reliable, an excellent communicator, hungry to learn and agile as my business evolves. Jenna is all of this, and more.

    – Kate
  • Jenna went the extra mile, especially with scheduling times to meet, with the 9 hour time difference. She is very enthusiastic and supportive and gave me that extra (kick in the but) that I sometimes needed. With her dedication I I’m happy to announce that I’m already 28 chapters into my book and I hope to release it by the end of this year.

    – Jen
  • Jenna has been absolutely instrumental in the successful creation, setup, marketing, launch and execution of my signature Illuminate Coaching Program for mothers this year. We are currently working closely together to roll-out the 3rd round of the program in September 2021. Jenna’s role has progressed to become somewhat of a hybrid between VA and Operations Manager. She is an incredible operator and she has been integral to the transformation in my business in the past 10 months. Not only have we successfully built from scratch and launched this group coaching program and Illuminate community, Jenna is now supporting me to get everything in place for the launch of a new website, an online course and paid membership model. The value she brings to my business is phenomenal.

    – Benita
  • Jenna is my secret weapon for business productivity. She is the most wonderful VA & I am so lucky to have found her. She is extremely organized, reliable & is an honest hard worker.

    She really got to understand my brand and business, delivering quality work that reflects my brands vision & ethos in a timely manner. She has attended to all projects and jobs with enthusiasm & has helped accelerate the growth of my business. She has helped me with social media graphics, strategies, blogs, podcasts, online course & much more. Jenna is definitely a great assets to my company… but more than that, she is a kind, approachable & beautiful human. I highly recommend Jenna.

    – Harmony